our fab facts

My name is Da'Kyra Mikal. I am a 15 y/o young, black entrepreneur. Although I am a beginner in the beauty business, I am thrilled to travel this amazing journey with you. Here are some fun facts about me...

My birthday is Nov.14. I am the shortest out of all my friends. My current height is 4'10. I LOVE to eat seafood, Chinese food, and fresh fruit. I love fashion. Since a little kid, I enjoyed dressing up in my mom's clothing, walking in her heels, and playing in her make up (LOL). In my free time I like to draw, dance, and listen to music.  

 Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower others with the tools and confidence to enhance their beautiful, God given features to help uplift their self-esteem and promote positive and healthy self-image. Our goal is to ensure that our consumers all feel beautiful, valued, and worthy. 

Thank you .